Emergency Communications

Jerry Juhala KT6CRT, ARCA EMCOMM Coordinator

Documents and Forms you should know about:

November 2012

On November 15th, 2012 we participated in a County wide Health Care Drill at Alameda Hospital. We had help from the following operators David Haycock (KI6AWR), Tom Schweich (KJ6BIT), Bruce Gillis (KI6CYT), Rose Kennedy (K6LEZ), Chuck Scanlon (KG6VYO), Patrick Preminger (KJ6UHO), Jim Wright (KJ6UHT), Howard Bloom (KG6NDJ), Jerry Juhala (KT6CRT). We fielded operators throughout the hospital as shadows and support for different departments to communicate with their local EOC and with the County EOC in Dublin. We also supported two CERT teams who did Search and Rescue within the hospital looking for victims needing assistance"

On Aug 7, 2012, as part of National Night Out, several operators provided communication support for the Alameda CERT Teams as they went throughout the neighborhoods and conducted simulated disaster checks and passed traffic back to the City EOC. Upcoming for 2013, save the date of Aug 6 as we will be participating with the City Police and Fire Departments on National Night Out as they conduct a larger exercise then we did last year. The Alameda CERT group is conducting various training classes throughout the year as well. You can check out their event calendar at http://alamedacert.us/ In other news, the Alameda Fire Department has donated their old Rescue Truck (looks like a bread delivery truck) and a trailer (similar to existing MDU's) to the CERT group. We need help deciding the best way to retrofit these vehicles for CERT and ARES uses. If you have any skills as a Vehicle Mechanic, Electrician, Carpenter or just are willing to help maintain and work on these vehicles please contact Jerry Juhala at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can give you more details. We will have pictures available soon and as we go along with the retrofit so you can see our progress.

March 2010 Communications Plan

The Alameda ARES Radio Communications Plan is available by clicking this link (PDF):


All ARES members should be sure they have the most recent version of this plan.


Over thirty people attended the two Alameda ARES training sessions held in March. Attendees also included ARES ECs from other cites in our section. We reviewed lessons learned from our participation in the January Red Cross exercise and exchanged many new ideas on improving our procedures. Thanks to all who attended. April Exercise An Alameda ARES exercise with CERT is scheduled for Saturday April 24, 2010. Please put this on your calendar. The primary purpose of this exercise will be to test: Running and operating Resource and Tactical Nets Passing messages The proper use of tactical call signs and FCC ID You need not be a member of ARCA or ARES to participate in this exercise. You just need basic emergency communications knowledge and an HT. If you cannot make it physically to one of the exercise sites, you are welcome to participate by contacting the Resource Net. ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level 1 Online Course Registration Registration remains open for this course through Sunday, April 25, 2010. The course session begins on Friday, May 7, 2010.

March Meeting

The Alameda Emergency Communications Plan that includes frequencies defined for the City of Alameda ARES will be presented. Photos for ARES ID Cards will be taken Work in progress: Creating a compact ARES Field Guide for Alameda. February 2010 Emergency Communications Class February 27th, 2010 This class was a discssion of the "lessons learned" from the January 9th ARES/Red Cross Drill. A presentation given at this class is available at: ARES Lessons Learned (PDF) January 2010 ARES/Red Cross Drill January 9, 2010 Fourteen Amateur Radio operators from the Amateur Radio Club of Alameda (ARCA) and ARES participated in a disaster-response shelter exercise in the City of Alameda on Saturday January 9, 2010, at the request of the American Red Cross Bay Area. The exercise tested the ability of the City of Alameda's CERT volunteers to open and operate shelters and an Emergency Volunteer Center for the city under Red Cross guidelines. It was assumed that telephone and Internet communications were unusable, so participants were able to use only Amateur Radio volunteer services for communications among the simulated exercise units: the City EOC, the Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC), two shelters, and the Red Cross command center. ARES and ARCA participants included Ron Bigelow KF6LSY, Fred Blas KI6BES, Garret Conklin KJ6GEC, Anthony Disalvo KI6TZG, Bruce Gillis KI6CYT, Shari Goforth-Eby K6AVW, Rose Kennedy K6LEZ, Sanford Lavine KO6JF, Chris Machini KI6TYY, Mike Piper KD6AOK, Flavia Rogers KJ6BIQ, Marianne Schenone KI6MYU, Marty Simpson AF6SB, and Michael John Torrey KF6YRG.

Exercise Planned for April 2010

There is an ARCA/Alameda ARES exercise scheduled for Saturday April 24, 2010. We will take advantage of lessons learned from the January exercise and improve our skills in the following: Operating Resource and Tactical Nets Basic message passing with emphasis on message tracking and message priority. Proper use of tactical call signs and FCC ID To support the April exercise and the Alameda City exercise in the Fall, we will be conducting beginner and refresher emergency communications training in February and March. A Saturday date will be chosen for the first class. A second class will be held if needed. Hams interested in participating in the April Exercise and/or the classes should contact Sandy Lavine KO6JF at KO6JF (AT)ARRL.NET

November-December 2009

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Update

Fred Blas KI6BES and I are in the process of editing the wording of the ARES MOU with the City Of Alameda. ARCA is planning to participate in the Alameda drill October 2010.

ARES Membership and Training

There are only two basic requirements to participate in ARES: Amateur license A sincere desire to serve For more details on ARCA ARES planning, see the "ARCA ARES Update" PDF document, download from this page. All members of ARCA who are interested in ARES participation should complete the following: Fill out and submit the ARES application. You can download a copy from this page or from the ARRL web site. Bring your filled out application to the next ARCA meeting. Take the ARRL Introduction to Amateur Radio Emergency Communications, EC-001. Next Enrollment for ARRL Introduction to Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (EC-001). Cost at the time of this writing: $50.00 (ARRL Member), $85.00 (Nonmember) Take following five free online FEMA courses: IS 100a (ICS100) IS 200a (ICS200) IS 700 IS 800 IS 802 (ESF #2) Take the Alameda CERT Class. Check the City CERT site (CERT Information) for a course description, schedules, and registration. ARES Registration in the ARRL East Bay Section ARES is not limited to the memberships of one or more local clubs, groups, or programs. ARES coexists and cooperates with other Amateur Radio emergency-communications programs and organizations, and members of each are encouraged to join the others and meet their requirements. Such programs and organizations include those that serve only one agency, including the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army (under its “SATERN” program), and government-agency-organized groups often called RACES or ACS. Registration Form If you are a licensed radio amateur who lives here in the ARRL East Bay Section or who spends a large amount of time here, and you would like to register your qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service in this ARRL section when disaster strikes, we encourage you to register in EB-ARES. Please use our online registration form. Please use this online registration form even if you have previously submitted an ARRL “ARES® Registration Form” (FSD-98) provided by ARRL. The full website can be found here http://www.arrleastbaysection.org/ares Alameda ARES Applications and classes Submit ARES applications and course completion status to Jerry Juhala KT6CRT, email: jjuhala (AT) gmail.com.