Criteria For Use Of Club Call

Criteria For Use Of Club Call

Our FCC License trustee is responsible to the FCC for all operations in which the Club call is used. Jay Taylor, KF6YQZ is the trustee of the ARCA callsign.

1. Club members using the K6QLF callsign are to operate legally and within the license privileges of the designated control operator. A designated control operator must be present and at the control point during all transmissions.

2. All uses of the K6QLF callsign shall be noted in the station operating log.

3. Any licensed Club member may be a control operator if the member is checked- out in station operation and the operations are within the limitations of the control operator’s license.

4. The Club callsign may be used for any official club event. (Field Day, contests, special events, emergency situations, Net Control Operation from Club Station.)

5. The Club callsign may be used by any licensed Club member with prior coordination with the License Trustee and coordination to ensure that only one station uses the callsign at a time.